Mission Statement

Vision: To grow and develop a group of women mountain biking enthusiasts and create a symphony of characters that come together and strengthen one another spiritually and physically.

Mission: To create an atmosphere of  FUN, encouragement, adventure and strength through mountain biking for women of all ages. To give them the tools that are necessary to handle most technical situations and to feel more confident on the bike and out in their world.

If you find a place to release stress and relish in what you are passionate about for a few hours... you have so much more of yourself to give back to everyone!

Adventure will open the windows of your mind and show latent strengths which might have remained dormant.

-- Jacke Van Woerkom

Nurture and respect one another's abilities.

No rider shall be separated from other riders due to physical or mechanical situations.

Members of this group are to only use the name Trail Angels for ministry purposes and not to generate a profit at this time.

Respect the trails and wildlife at all times.

Be a Samaritan to members and other riders encountered during a ride.
Here is a general guideline of how to describe your riding ability...

The Bottom Sprockets or better known as the Granny Gears:
These are the beginner riders that want to learn the different techniques to mountain bike riding. More importantly, they want to be nurtured and encouraged as they grow in their skills and others enjoy watching them accomplish these things along the way. In some cases, you may have never gone out on a mountain bike but really want to.

The Middle Sprockets:
Referred to as the leisure riders who have been riding for over six months or so, they feel comfortable with their skills and just
want to have fun. More importantly, they are willing and open to learning new things and their playful spirits make them open to
 teaching and sharing their falls.

The Top Sprockets or Harder Pushing Gears:
These riders have been riding for quite some time and want to challenge their skills by racing and they desire to give it their all and be the best they can be. More importantly, they still have the passion to help new riders, because they too were once a beginner. There is no reason to be intimidated by their personal goals.

We are constantly adding new riders to our group and are excited about the growth. Remember it doesn't matter what level you are at. We want you to just....come as you are!!
You are welcome to be a Trail Angel if you agree to the above mentioned. We would love to see you be a part of the vision and hope that you would respect these statements.

Trail Angels are located in Southern California